Welcome to Taipalsaari – archipelago of Saimaa!

Taipalsaari is an vivacious and hearty archipelago municipality situated in the reagion of South Karelia just 15 kilometers North of Lappeenranta. There are 4 559 inhabitants (in year 2022) in Taipalsaari and the number increases considerably in summer time since there are great amount of summer homes and cottages around the islands. Besides Lappeenranta the neighbouring municipalities are Lemi, Puumala, Ruokolahti and Savitaipale.

Taipalsaari is a wonderful combination of lake Saimaa and it’s 700 islands. Half of the area is literally covered by water and the other half by land. Our peaceful islands are full of clean forests, various eskers and fields. The coast line of Taipalsaari is total 1008 kilometers long.

Taipalsaari is offering plenty of versatile activities and events around the year. There are great travel opportunities and services available such as sport facilities, rental services, program services, quided tours, museums, restaurants and accommodation. In case you like outdoor activities our several hiking tracks, waterways and Saimaa archipelago route are definitely worth to visit.

In Taipalsaari there are several smaller villages: Haikkaanlahti, Jänkäsalo, Kirkonkylä, Leväsen seutu, Merenlahti, Rehulan seutu ja Vehkataipale. All of these villages has their own village organizations which are co-operative and active members of the community by planning events, developing and maintaining communal athmosphere and upholding cultural heritage. Taipalsaari is also an active part of recreational entirity under construction at Saimaa coasts.

We warmly welcome you to enjoy our cultural specialities, beautiful nature and easy-going Karelian lifestyle